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Brandied Peaches
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Cooking Directions:
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9 pounds cling peaches
9 pounds sugar
1 quart water
2 cinnamon sticks
2 tablespoons whole cloves -- heads removed
3 pints brandy

Peel fruit, keep whole. Tie spices in a cloth bag. Boil sugar and water
with spice bag, in large pot.

When syrup is clear, add peaches. Cook until tender, but not soft. Place
on platter to drain. Continue to boil syrup until thick.

Remove syrup from heat, allow to cool. Add brandy, stir well. Place
peaches in sterile jars and cover with syrup, seal.

This recipe yields 4 quarts.

Comments: You eat these in the wintertime when it's cold outside and you
have some good fried ham and's what you do with small
peaches you can't sell or give away...this is "finger food" by the
way...just pick one up and eat it!! my mother said, "these'll keep
yore man at home!!..."

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