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Candied Citrus Peel

Cooking Directions:
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6 large oranges or 3 grapefruit
Water -- to cover
1 package fruit flavored gelatin - (6 oz)
2 cups water
1 stick cinnamon
10 whole cloves
2 cups sugar

Wash oranges or grapefruit. Make cuts in skin and pith from end to end,
dividing the skin into four equal sections. Remove peel and white pith in
one piece from each section with fingers; reserve fruit for other use.

Discard white portion of pith. Cut peel (zest) into 1/4-inch strips,
place in a large, heavy enamel or stainless steel saucepan with water to
cover. Boil, covered for 30 minutes or until peel can be easily pierced
with a fork. Drain.

Mix gelatin with 2 cups water and spices, and add to fruit in saucepan.
Cover, bring to boil, reduce heat, and simmer for about 50 minutes until
syrup is almost absorbed, stirring frequently toward the end to prevent

Lift out peel with tongs, and roll in pan sprinkled with sugar until
heavily coated. Cool on waxed paper and store in air-tight containers.

This recipe yields about 72 candied peels.

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