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Crisp Bread And Butter Pickles
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Cooking Directions:
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4 quarts thinly sliced cucumbers
8 medium white onions -- peeled, sliced thin
1/2 cup pickling salt
5 cups sugar
1 1/2 teaspoons tumeric
1 teaspoon celery seed
2 tablespoons mustard seed
5 cups cider vinegar

Mix the cucumbers and onions with the salt and 2 quarts of cracked ice and
let them stand, covered with a weighted lid, for 3 hours. Drain
thoroughly and put the vegetables in a large kettle. Add the sugar,
spices and vinegar and bring almost to a boil, stirring often with a
wooden spoon, but do not boil. Pack the pickles into hot jars and seal.

This recipe yields 7 to 8 pints.

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