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Dean's Pickled Jalapeños
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Cooking Directions:
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20 fresh jalapeño chiles
1 large clove garlic -- peeled
1 bay leaf
2 sprigs fresh basil or oregano - (to 3 sprigs) -- opal basil
is prettiest
1 3/4 cups distilled vinegar - (to 3 cups)

Wash chiles and cut off stems leaving the cap at the top intact. Pierce
each chile with a paring knife to allow vinegar to enter the chile.

Place garlic and bay leaf in a hot sterilized quart canning jar, then pack
chiles tip down into jar as tightly and uniformly as possible. Add basil
or oregano sprigs when jar is half full.

Bring vinegar just to a boil and pour over chiles. Let sit 2 minutes then
tap jar to release air bubbles and top off jar with vinegar to within
1/2-inch of the top. Wipe rim, seal, and immerse jar 15 minutes in a
boiling water bath.

Let rest for a few days to blend flavors before opening jars and serving.
Refrigerate after opening.

This recipe yields 1 quart.

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