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Dill Green Beans
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Cooking Directions:
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3 pounds fresh green beans
10 garlic cloves -- divided
10 fresh dill sprigs -- divided
5 teaspoons sweet red pepper flakes -- divided
5 teaspoons pickling spice -- divided
50 black peppercorns -- divided
5 carrot sticks - (4" by 1/2") -- divided
1/4 cup pickling salt
3 cups white vinegar (5% acidity)
3 cups water

Wash beans and trim ends; cut beans into lengths 1/2 inch shorter than
pint jar. Cook beans in boiling water to cover 3 minutes; drain. Plunge
into ice water; drain and set aside.

Place 2 garlic cloves, 2 dill sprigs, 1 teaspoon red pepper flakes, 1
teaspoon pickling spice, 10 peppercorns, and 1 carrot stick into each of
five hot jars. Pack beans tightly into jars, filling to 1/2 inch from

Combine pickling salt, vinegar, and water; bring to a boil. Pour over
beans, filling to 1/2 inch from top. Remove air bubbles; wipe jar rims.
Cover at once with metal lids, and screw on bands. Process in
boiling-water bath 15 minutes.

This recipe yields 5 pints.

Comments: These are perfect for party buffets or to use as "stirrers" for
cocktails or festive beverages.

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