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Ginger Pickles
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Cooking Directions:
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5 pounds cucumbers
3 cups lime
1/2 cup alum
1/2 box ginger
3 pints vinegar
Yellow food coloring
5 pounds sugar
1/2 box pickling spices

Remove all peeling and seeds from cucumbers and cut into strips. Mix 3
cups lime in 2 gallons water; soak 24 hours. Then wash cucumbers.

Mix 1/2 cup alum in 2 gallons water; soak 3 hours (drain, do not wash).

Mix 1/2 box or cup ginger in 2 gallons water. Soak 6 hours (drain, do not

Mix 3 pints vinegar, yellow food coloring, 3 pints water, 5 pounds sugar
and 1/2 box pickling spices with cucumbers. Cook 1 hour. Place in jars
and seal.

This recipe yields ??

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