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Mom's Canned Peaches
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Cooking Directions:
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6 pounds firm ripe peaches
2 cups sugar
3 one-quart canning jars with new lids

Bring kettle or deep pot filled with a few quarts of water to boil. Drop
in peaches in 2 batches for about 1 minute. Remove from hot water and let
stand until cool enough to handle. Cut peaches in half along seam, remove
pits, peel and drop halves into bowl of cold water. Save 3 peach pits.

In bowl or plastic bucket, combine sugar and 5 cups water until sugar

Put a peach pit in bottom of each jar and add peach halves, hollow sides
down, until each jar is filled to within 1/2-inch of top. Add sugar

Screw on tops of jars tightly, then release tops about 1/4-turn (to allow
rubber lids to expand during cooking). Fit wire rack into kettle, or tie
together extra canning jar bands to fit inside. Place jars on rack and
fill kettle with enough tepid water to cover jars. (If jars are too loose
they may rattle around during cooking; wrap dish towels around them so
they don't smash.)

Cover kettle and bring water to boil. Boil gently for 15 minutes. Remove
jars and tighten lids with dish towel. Let cool on stack of newspapers or
dish towels for 48 hours.

This recipe yields 3 quarts.

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