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Oven-Dried Tomatoes
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Cooking Directions:
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Tomatoes -- seeded
2 garlic cloves -- peeled
5 fresh basil sprigs
1 cup white vinegar
Extra-virgin olive oil -- as needed
Coarse salt -- to taste
Freshly-ground black pepper -- to taste

Cut tomatoes into quarters or eighths depending on the size. Place
tomatoes close together on a cookie sheet. Spray lightly with olive oil
or nonstick spray. Sprinkle on salt and pepper to taste.

Put the tomatoes in a 160 degree oven, with the door cracked open, for 12
hours. The tomatoes should be leathery but not mushy.

In a large jar, combine the vinegar, whole garlic cloves and fresh basil.
Pack the tomatoes in the jar and fill with extra-virgin olive oil.

This recipe yields ?? servings.

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