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Peach Marmalade
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Cooking Directions:
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6 large peaches -- see * Note
2 oranges
1 small lemon or 1/2 large lemon
Sugar -- as needed

* Note: This recipe requires really good peaches. Don't use those hard
things in the grocery store.

Peel and pit peaches. (Dunk the peaches in boiling water for about 15
seconds, then plunge them into ice water, and the peel will slide right
off, reducing waste.) With a fine grater, remove JUST the orange and
yellow parts of the orange and lemon rinds, not any of the white stuff
underneath. Then peel and seed oranges and lemon.

Chop the peaches to about the size of dice. Chop the oranges and lemon
half very fine, then mash. (If you choose to just throw them in a blender
or food processor we promise not to tell anyone.)

Mix all the fruits, including the grated rinds, together and measure or
weigh them, and add an equal amount of sugar. Cover and let stand all day
or overnight. When ready to can, boil fruit and sugar and pack into
sterilized jars and seal tightly.

This recipe yields ??

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