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Pickled Dilled Beans
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Cooking Directions:
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4 pounds fresh tender green or yellow beans -- (5" to 6" long)
8 fresh dill heads - (to 16)
8 garlic cloves -- (optional)
1/2 cup canning or pickling salt
4 cups white vinegar, 5% acidity
4 cups water
1 teaspoon hot red pepper flakes -- (optional)

Wash and trim ends from beans and cut to 4-inch lengths. In each hot
sterile pint jar, place 1 to 2 dill heads, and if desired, 1 clove of
garlic. Place whole beans upright in jars, leaving 1/2-inch headspace.
Trim beans to ensure proper fit, if necessary.

Combine salt, vinegar, water and pepper flakes (if desired). Bring to a
boil. Add hot solution to beans, leaving 1/2-inch headspace. Adjust lids
and process for 10 minutes in a boiling-water bath.

To sterilize empty jars, place them right side up on the rack in a
boiling-water canner. Fill the canner and jars with hot (not boiling)
water to 1 inch above the tops of the jars. Boil 10 minutes at altitudes
of less than 1,000 feet. At higher elevations, boil 1 additional minute
for each additional 1,000 feet elevation. Remove and drain hot sterilized
jars one at a time as filled.

This recipe yields about 8 pints

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